A Vegan Milks a Cow



IMG_4970 I told myself that this was a cool opportunity that I should at least try, because when else would I have the chance to milk a cow in the heart of Costa Rica?

I love cows. And from the moment that our group arrived in Costa Rica I was overwhelmed with countless adorable cow sightings. The people sitting around me were probably quite annoyed because I had to point out every single cow that I saw. So you can imagine that when the option to milk a cow was offered, I jumped on the opportunity.

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Down By The River


IMG_6662After spending all morning and afternoon in the hot and humid weather of the jungle, it’s safe to say that the team was more than ready to take a dip in the river. We parked near the bridge that overlooked the flowing river below. We walked (some slid) down a steep hill to the riverbed, where we had our first photo opportunity at the river. I, myself was more concerned with getting in the water than taking pictures next to it.

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