Participant Name: Esmeralda Osorio

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Third Year

Pronouns: She, Her, Her’s

My name is Esmeralda Osorio, and I am a third-year first-generation student studying Civil Engineering. Some of my hobbies include running, riding my bike, and painting.
Due to economic factors, I was exposed to sustainability practices from a young age. I recall my mom implementing different sustainable practices to save money on the water, light, and gas bill. Some of these sustainability practices included riding our bikes to work and or school, and not being allowed to use the shower head, but rather filling up a bucket of water that will be used to shower. My interest in sustainability grew from seeing these different techniques used at home.
 I applied to the Costa Rica program because I want to experience a new culture and environment where I would not only gain knowledge about global sustainability but also gain lifetime memories and the skills to grow as a person. Overall, I hope to learn a new perspective on the significance of sustainability to the Costa Rican community. As an engineering student, I am particularly interested in how sustainable planning plays a role in future society. Through this program, I hope to get some insight into the Costa Rican perspective and how sustainability methods can be implemented at a grassroots level. Because I believe that it is up to the community to embrace and conserve the environment, I hope this experience provides insight on how to best encourage communities to integrate and different sustainability practices. Disregarding a community’s socioeconomic status, I believe they should be given the tools to live sustainably.
I am excited to be part of this amazing program and embark on this adventure because the learning opportunities it has to offer are abundant. I am looking forward to the environmental and cultural teachings that this program has to offer.