Participant Name: Gabriella Escobar

Major: Sociology, Minor in Business Management

Year: Fourth-year senior

Pronouns: She, Her, Her’s

Hola! I’m Gabriella (but most people call me Gaby) and I am a fourth-year Sociology major and Management minor. It’s been an exciting journey coming in as a freshman Undeclared to eventually finding a path and interest in the Digital Media field. I am a first-generation student with parents born in El Salvador, a small country in Central America. I grew up visiting family in El Salvador and I think it has given me a unique perspective as to what I may encounter in Costa Rica.
Through my experiences at UCI and beyond, I have learned that I am passionate about listening to people’s stories and sharing them in a way that others can understand. Most of my work is in documentary filmmaking, specifically in sports/athletics. I hope to contribute to our team through my experience in media creation and the sociological perspective. My first introduction to sustainability was in high school when I volunteered for a non-profit that focused on building sustainable communities in third world countries. To me, sustainability in that sense was helping build something that would last and have the ability to change according to need. I’ve been lucky enough to have friends and peers who introduced me to sustainability as a field and have really changed the way that I think about life in general.
I am excited to learn more about the terminology, technical aspects, and ways in which sustainability can be implemented into communities. I hope that I can contribute to our research project in such a way that we are able to share our findings to a greater audience and inspire more education and action in sustainability.