Hello there! My name is Jillian and I am a second year Political Science major. I am incredibly grateful and excited that I have given this opportunity to explore and develop a larger understanding of global sustainability and cultural immersion through my experiences in this program.

There has been a lot that has contributed to my interest in sustainability and wanting to become a member on this team, but ultimately stemming from my passion to gain perspective and experience on global adversities and the immense need for action on these various issues. In relation to that, I think it is critically important to provide long-term, feasible, realistic, and most

importantly, sustainable methods to be implemented in our world today. The importance of sustainability is so crucial in every aspect of the way we live and how our lives will be impacted in the future. I hope to shed forth light on this topic, but also make it a topic that concerns everyone’s daily lives and stress the critical need to care for the world we are in now, so that we will have a world to thank tomorrow.

I hope to actively practice my moral and social responsibility as a global citizen and improve the world and the lives around me- especially as a result of this life changing experience. Yet, like all things in life, I hope for this to not just doesn’t extend to me and my team alone, but the lives I interact with and the spaces I enter. I hope that in part, we all become conscious global citizens living with an understanding of our human carbon footprint and ways we can combat it with sustainable solutions.

External to my interest in sustainability, I am involved in a handful of other places on campus. I am a Center Attendant for Student Housing, ASUCI Office of Academic Affairs Intern, Volunteer for the International Center’s English Conversation Program, and am a Mentor and Lead Mentor for the Antleader Mentorship Program. With these experiences from these involvements, it contributes to a large part of my being,  yet I am constantly learning from myself and the world around me. So in all, I can’t wait for all that’s ahead and all that I’ll be able to share!