Lauren E.

My name is Lauren and I am a Mexican-American from North-East Los Angeles.

I currently live in the Arroyo Vista housing community as a Resident’s Advisor. I look over the Humanities and Religious Studies houses. I also am the fundraising chair for Club Softball as well as for Pencils of Promise. Because of my love for volunteering and baseball I’m also a member of Diamond Darlings, a club that promotes children’s involvement in sports and promotes various aspects for the baseball team.

Academically, I am seeking a degree in Political Science and hope to one day become a lawyer. I believe that although academics are very important in my pursuit to becoming a lawyer I also feel that one must be well rounded and have various interests. In high school I took an AP Environmental course and since then I’ve developed a passion for caring for our environment and taking steps to reduce my consumption as well as carbon footprint.

I took interest in the Costa Rica Program at UCI because of my desire to learn more about sustainability outside of my community and also to broaden my horizons, set out of my comfort zone and explore all that nature has to offer in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.