Participant Name: Sara Danaie

Major: Human Biology

Year: Fourth-year senior

Pronouns: She, Her, Her’s

Hello! I am Sara, and I am currently in my fourth year at UCI, majoring in Human Biology. When I was younger, I thought of sustainability simply as “reduce, reuse, recycle.” A field trip in eighth grade to Catalina Island furthered my knowledge of the concept and introduced me to the practice of composting! With that understanding, I have taken notice of how my own family practices sustainability and have tried to be more mindful with my consumption habits. In my free time, I enjoy painting with watercolors and practicing calligraphy!

My time at UCI has allowed me to further expand my comprehension of sustainability. Various courses throughout my years, such as Disparities in Medicine, have opened my eyes to the interrelated nature of sustainability, environmental racism, and the social determinants of health. In addition, taking anthropology and medical humanities courses has helped me reshape my career goals and find a new purpose that matters to me: helping people heal through integrative, holistic approaches from an empathetic point of view. I have seen many ways in which sustainability impacts Human Biology and my career goals. Thus, I am excited to try to continue to learn more about how I, as a future healthcare provider, can better help patients understand and address some of the root causes of health issues.

In Costa Rica, I hope to learn more about my passion for Integrative Health and Alternative Medicine from a lens of sustainability, empathy, and research. I think conducting research on this topic in an environmentally progressive environment like Costa Rica would really give me a new perspective. I am ecstatic to embark on this adventure with my fellow Anteaters so that I may be a better advocate for sustainability in my roles as a Human Biology scholar, resident advisor, and researcher!