Environmental Science Major/
Global Sustainability Minor,
From Lake Forest, CA

Aloha amigos!

My desire to participate in this program involves many reasons: This program is going to give me the opportunity to learn first-hand about the sustainable practices I have only been able to hear about inside the classroom. While I have had experiences with cleaning up local environments, planting trees, and things of that nature, I think this trip will bring my knowledge of these practices to a whole new level. I have a strong desire to feel a greater connection to our planet and to develop a deeper understanding of how we as human beings can live more harmoniously with the land.

I plan to share my research with friends, family, and my community through open conversations and presentations. It is my hope that once I can learn to live more sustainably, I can inspire others to follow some of the same practices. While I have had the privilege to travel to beautiful places such as the Caribbean Islands, it was only for a short vacation where I did not have the opportunity to be fully immersed into the culture. I am truly excited to be introduced to other ways of living life—I think this will be extremely refreshing for my mind, body, and soul. I am also very excited to be in the rain forest, and to hear, see, smell, and taste all that it has to offer.

Pura Vida!