Student Coordinator


Environmental Science Major/
Global Sustainability Minor
From Riverside, CA

2014 WAS A GREAT YEAR! For the first time in my life I was able to travel outside of the states, and boy did I travel. The first country I ever visited was Costa Rica during Spring Break, as a participant in the Costa Rica Program. In the Fall I proceeded to study abroad in Scotland for a semester, which led to the formation of incredible memories, friendships, experiences, and life challenges. I had the opportunity to experience the beautiful Scottish, Irish, English, French, and Dutch cultures with some of the most open-minded people I have ever met in my short, yet action-packed 20 years of life.

This year, I am returning to the Costa Rica Program as a Student Coordinator, with the hopes of increasing my skills as a leader and being able to maximize the positive aspects of my strengths as an individual. Placing myself in a position of leadership is something that I would have once thought to be beyond my comfort zone at the collegiate level, but as I spend more and more time with the team, I get to see the small impacts I’m able to make in their lives, and that is what truly makes this all worthwhile for me. My biggest aim in life is to show people that taking small steps towards leading a sustainable lifestyle is not only possible, but also practical. By taking simple steps towards living a more sustainable life, I feel like I have a made a difference, and I want to share that feeling of accomplishment through educating others on the importance and ease of living a sustainable life.

My love for nature encourages me to expand my knowledge and grow as an individual in my field every day. It is the reason that I feel so comfortable expressing what I love and the many goals I have for myself in life. It is also thanks to both my friends and family that I am able to be a part of this program and find joy in everything that I do.