Earth System Science Major,
From San Diego, CA

I chose this program because it has two valuable aspects of study abroad – environment and culture. I want to study abroad to be exposed to a different way of life, to take in the good and bad, and to gain a better sense of how the world around me works. I have been exposed to sustainability at home, through recycling, composting, etc.; however, my personal interest in sustainability didn’t begin until high school, when I took an Environmental Science class and joined the school’s Green Club. Today we hear and see the words “reduce, reuse, recycle,” but that has become more than a phrase to me; it has become a personal motto for me to lead a more sustainable life. I lead my life in a way where I try to preserve, and hopefully someday, restore the world around me. I am most excited to be enveloped by Costa Rica itself – its nature, wildlife, and people. Being exposed to all these aspects of Costa Rica will allow me to better develop my awareness as a global citizen and to enjoy the rich culture our world has to offer, and this is only the beginning!