Issue 01

I Articles

  1. A re-examination of two terms in the Elamite version of the Behistun inscription
    Saber Amiri Pariyan
  2. Alexander and the Arsacids in the manuscript MU29
    Touraj Daryaee
  3. Take care of the xrafstars! A note on Nēr. 7.5
    Shervin Farridnejad
  4. The kings of Parthia and Persia: Some considerations on the ‘Iranic’ identity in the Parthian Empire
    Leonardo Gregoratti
  5. Brief comments on the so-called Xorde Avesta (1)
    Götz König
  6. Some thoughts on the rock-reliefs of ancient Iran
    Ali Mousavi
  7. A note on the Alkhan coin type 39 and its legend
    Khodadad Rezakhani
  8. Relieving monthly sexual needs: On Pahlavi daštān-māh wizārdan
    Shai Secunda
  9. Preliminary observations on word order correspondence in the Zand
    Arash Zeini

II Reviews

  1. Smith, Kyle. 2014. The Martyrdom and History of Blessed Simeon bar Sabba’e
    Sajad Amiri Bavandpoor
  2. Mayor, Adrienne. 2014. The Amazons. Lives and Legends of Warrior Women Across the Ancient World
    Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
  3. Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd & James Robson. 2010. CTESIAS’ History of Persia: Tales of the Orient
    Yazdan Safaee

III Special Issue

  1. Of dirt, diet, and religious others: A theme in Zoroastrian thought
    Bruce Lincoln