Book Reviews

In each issue, DABIR reviews scholarly publications, monographs and selected edited volumes. When we receive a review copy of a relevant book from the publisher, we assign it to our most appropriate book review editor, who then commissions the review from a scholar in the field. Please get in touch, if you would like to review a book for us or if you want to give us your publication to be reviewed.

For Reviewers:

If you are interested in reviewing books for DABIR, please send a curriculum vitae to the book review editor with your areas of interest at the top. We will contact you for the review of the relevant titles.

For Publishers:

Publishers and authors can submit books for review in DABIR. To get more information and submit your titles, please contact the book review editor.

DABIR relies on publishers to send us review copies of new books in a timely fashion, since the process of commissioning, producing, and editing reviews can be lengthy. We also do actively solicit books from publishers.

Relevant books for reviewing in DABIR are scholarly monographs, collections and edited volumes concerning the area encompassing the Persianate World, (Greater) Iran, Afghanistan, Tadjikestan, Transoxiana and the Caucasus, as well as Israel and the Muslim World as far as concerning the Iranian and Persianate studies. DABIR will consider reviewing original scholarly monographs written in any European or Middle Eastern language, as well as English translations of scholarly works written in any language.