DABIR is published three times in the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) and accepts three types of submissions: notes, essays and book reviews.

Authors should submit work in concise, clear English, adhering to the conventions of American or British usage. Submitted material should not have been previously published, and the editors expect that contributions meet the high standards of scholarly publications in humanities.


We encourage authors to send their submissions in the Open Office (ODF) or MS Word formats. Please use a Unicode font, especially when including diacritics in your document. For readability purposes we suggest Times New Roman or Arial in 12 points and double spacing. If you employ complex formatting features or specialised characters and fonts, please provide a PDF alongside the editable document. Titles and the structure of the text should be formatted using the Title and Heading styles provided by most word processors. Footnotes should be formatted as footnotes, using the appropriate styles of the word processor. The bibliography should appear at the end of the document. Please use the author (Year) citation format within your text. This will minimise the need for footnotes, which are difficult to reproduce in an online journal. Authors should use the Unified Style Sheet to format the bibliography. This style sheet is available as a PDF and can be downloaded here. We recommend the use of the Zotero plugin to automatically generate bibliographies, which adhere to the Unified Style Sheet. For more information, see this support section from the Zotero website.

Please append author and professional affiliation as a separate paragraph to the end of your document and e-mail us your submission as an attachment.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not meet the standards of academic work or our formatting guidelines.