I am a PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology at University of California, Irvine. My dissertation research examines how different stakeholders understand public lands in the U.S., considering how differing ways of knowing landscapes, contrasting ideologies about land and property, and competing historical narratives (as well as understandings of how history matters) shape contemporary public lands conflict. More broadly, I’m interested in using anthropology to explore the intersection of understandings/interpretations of the environment, landscape, property, etc. and orientations/political actions toward environmental issues or challenges. My other primary interest is in pedagogy, both in terms of thinking anthropologically about teaching, how students learn, educational settings, etc. and in terms of considering how to teach anthropology well (What is it that we hope our students will gain? For what purpose? How can we think creatively to accomplish that in the classroom?).

When I’m not anthropologizing, I can be found training for ultramarathons and triathlons, coaching youth rock climbing at an Orange County indoor climbing gym, or dreaming about snowy winters.