Current Projects:

Dissertation Research: Knowing Public Lands in the American West

Developing Students’ Analytical Skills in Anthropology via Scaffolded Activities


Past Projects:

“Belonging on the Appalachian Trail: An Analysis of the Thru-hiking Community.” Undergraduate honors research, thesis, and presentation. Ethnographic research examining discursive performance, social norms, and values of long distance hikers on the Appalachian trail. (2012-2013)

“To be in long skirts and kicking their legs all around: Embodied gender and the body cultures of archery in Bhutan.” Short-term ethnographic research conducted as an independent study project through the School for International Training – Nepal. Project examined intersections of gender performativity and ideas about tradition and how they shaped women’s participation in varied styles of archery in Bhutan. (2012)

“Remote Assessment of Algal Functional Groups in the Absence of Extreme Blooms: Application to Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine,” with Dr. Collin Roesler. Project focused on spatial and temporal variation of hydrographic properties in Harpswell Sound. Included collecting samples, lab work (chlorophyll     analysis, HPLC preparation, spectrophotometry), and analysis using Matlab. (2011)