Choosing a Theme

In WordPress, a Theme is the style or “look and feel” of your site and can be easily changed at any time. The default theme may suit your needs, however we currently have 40+ themes installed for you to choose from. Some themes are highly customizable, allowing you to change colors and fonts and add custom menus. Other themes have sidebars and some have the navigation at the bottom. WordPress allows you browse and try out themes before you commit to using them.


In your admin area, go to Appearance > Themes. All of the themes available on UCI Sites will be listed.

Available Themes

On the Manage Themes page, you will see previews of available themes. Scroll through until you find a theme you like.

View of available themes
  1. To see what your content would look like in any particular theme, click the Live Preview button that is displayed when you hover over the theme’s image.
  2. This will open the Live Preview screen. If the theme you selected has custom options, you can set them before activating the theme.
    Theme Options
  3. Options that you may change include:
    1. Site Title and Tagline (all themes)
    2. Colors (if available)
    3. Header Image (if available)
    4. Background Image (if available)
    5. Static Front Page (all themes). Set this if you want a static home page instead of a list of your latest Posts (blog-type site).
  4. If you like the changes and want to use this theme, click the Save & Activate button.
  5. If you want to keep looking, click the Cancel button.
  6. You can continue to make changes to your Theme’s Appearance from the Appearance menu on the backend.

More Questions?
Contact us. We’re here to help.