Embedding a Twitter Feed

We have a plugin that helps you embed a Twitter Feed in one of your widget areas.

Note: This is an optional plugin and is not activated by default. To use this plugin, go to our Optional Plugins page and send in the request to have it activated.

Add the Twitter Widget to your Site or Blog

  1. Login to your website or blog
  2. Click Appearance > Widgets or Appearance > Customize > Widgets
  3. Select the Twitter Timeline (Easy Twitter Feed) widget and place it in the desired Widget area where you want it displayed.
  4. Add a Title to be displayed about the feed (optional)
  5. Type in your Twitter Username in the Twitter UCInetID field. (note: on our system it will read Twitter UCInetID. It should read Twitter Username.)
  6. Select the number of Tweets you want shown.
  7. Select other display options as needed.
  8. Click Save

Your Twitter Feed should now be displayed on your site.

Twitter Feed example