Gutenberg Blocks Overview

The Gutenberg editor is built on the concept of blocks. They allow you to add multiple types of content to your posts and pages.

You can insert text blocks, headings, images, lists, buttons, video and even widgets.

What Blocks are Included?

The following is a list of the current blocks that can be added to Posts and Pages. Blocks are organized into several categories.

Common Blocks

Common blocks are listed first. They should look familiar.

  • Paragraph - adds basic paragraph text
  • List  - adds a bulleted or numbered list
  • Image - inserts an image
  • Heading - adds heading text to introduce new sections and organize content
  • Quote - gives quoted text visual emphasis
  • Cover - adds an image or video with text overlay
  • Gallery - displays multiple images in a rich gallery
  • Audio - embed a simple audio player
  • File - add a link to a downloadable file
  • Video - embed a video from your media library (We recommend using Embed and embedding from YouTube or Vimeo.)

Formatting Blocks

Formatting blocks provide ways to format your Post or Page

  • Classic - use the classic WordPress editor within a block
  • Pullquote - special visual emphasis to a quote from your text
  • Table - insert a table.
  • Verse - insert poetry or song lyrics
  • Code - display code snippets
  • Custom HTML - add custom HTML and preview as you edit
  • Preformatted - add text that respects spacing and tabs

Layout Element Blocks

Layout Element blocks give you more control over the layout of your content.

  • Columns - add a block that displays content in multiple columns
  • Button - add a button to have visitors take an action
  • Media & Text - set media and words side-by-side for a richer layout
  • More - define what part of a Post you want displayed on the home page.
  • Page Break - separate content in a multi-page experience
  • Separator - create a break between sections with a horizontal line
  • Spacer - add white space between block to customize height.

Widget Blocks

Widget blocks allow you to add some widgets to any Page or Post in addition to widget areas of your theme.

  • Shortcode - Insert available shortcodes to add custom elements like forms
  • Archives - display a monthly archive of your posts
  • Calendar - display a monthly calendar of your Posts
  • Categories - display a list of all the Post categories
  • Latest Comments - display a list of your most recent comments
  • Latest Posts - display a list of your most recent Posts
  • RSS Block - add an RSS feed to any Page or Post
  • Search Block - add a WordPress search to any Page or Post
  • Tag Cloud - a cloud list of your Post tags

Embed Blocks

Embed blocks allow you to embed videos, images, tweets, audio and other content from external sources.

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Flickr
  • Vimeo
  • Imgur
  • Tumblr
  • and More