Adding Video

Embedding video from a website like YouTube or Vimeo is as easy as pasting in the URL. WordPress should automatically embed the video for you.

  1. Copy the URL for the video.
  2. Paste it on a line by itself in your post/page editor (make sure that it is not hyperlinked)
    If you are using the Block editor and the paragraph block, it will be automatically converted to the Video block. You can also use YouTube or Vimeo blocks.
  3. Preview or Publish your post or page.

Embedded Video Examples

From YouTube

From YouTube

From Vimeo

Embedding with a Shortcode

If you want to resize the embedded video, you will need to wrap the URL in a shortcode.

[embed width="1200"][/embed]

Video embed with 1200 pixel width.

Video embed with 600 pixel width.

Video Widgets

You can also use the Video widget to embed videos to widget areas of your theme. Simple choose the Video widget when placing new widgets and select your video from your Media library (if it is small) or choose URL and paste in the YouTube or Vimeo link.

Troubleshooting Video Embeds

  • My video link doesn’t embed the video. It just links to the source.
    Make sure that the link to the video is on its own line and is not hyperlinked (underlined). If it is, use the Unlink tool to remove the link and Update your Post or Page.
  • My video link is not embedding, nor is it linked.
    If the link is formatted, it will not embed. Click the Text tab above the formatting toolbar to view the HTML. If you see extra tags like <p>, remove them so the video link is on its own line with no formatting.