Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is one of our optional plugins. It is not enabled by default. To request this or one of our other optional plugins, see our Optional Plugin page and request form.

Creating the Form

In your WordPress dashboard, click Add New under the Forms menu. Note: you will need to have an Administrator role on the site to be able to access Forms.

Add new form

Building the Form

In the Build Your Form screen you will see a list of possible fields from which to build your form.

Available fields

Single-click the fields from the drawer into the builder.

form builder

When you are done, click Save and give your form a title.

Save Form

Editing the Field Settings

To change the field label, label placement, force a field to be required and more simply click on the field to open the settings. This drawer is different for each field type.

Edit field

If you have made any changes, click Save.

Deleting Fields

If you want to delete a field, expand the field options and click Remove.

Click Save.

Remove field

Saving Fields as Favorites

You can save fields as favorites to re-use on other forms.

  1. Expand the field to see the settings.
  2. Click the Star in the upper right corner.
    Star favorite
  3. Give the favorite field a name.
    Name the favorite field
  4. Click OK
  5. It will be saved in your Favorite Fields area to be used on other forms.

Email & Actions

In addition to storing the submissions on your site, you can also create an email action to send an email when a form is submitted.

Click the Email & Actions tab and the click the Add New button.

Email & Actions

  1. Give the action a name. You can have multiple actions, so this will help you know which action to edit later.
  2. Choose what type of action you want. You can choose from: email, redirect or success message which will appear after the form is submitted.
  3. From Name: This is the who the email will be from. You can choose a static name or use your fields. For example, first and last name.
  4. From Address: This is who the email will be from. Again, you can input an address or choose an email field if your form has one.
  5. Subject: This will be the subject of the email. Type one in or choose an appropriate field.
  6. Email Message: You can type in a message and include any or all of the fields from the form.
    Email Settings
  7. Attachments: you also have the option of having the form fields as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file which can be opened in a spreadsheet like Excel.
  8. Under Advanced Settings, you can also choose the email format (HTML or Plain Text), choose a Reply To address, Cc and Bcc addresses.
  9. Click Save

Adding Your Form to a Page

There are two ways to add your form to a page.

  1. Use the shortcode. In the Forms > All Forms list, you will see the shortcode for your form in the Shortcode column. It will look something like [[ninja_forms id=3]].
  2. You can also use the “Append a Ninja Form” panel when editing a page. It will be in the right column of panels underneath Featured Image.
    Append a form