Creating a Site

The first step in getting started with UCI Sites  is to log in and create a site.

Only faculty, staff and graduate students may create sites. Undergraduate students cannot create their own sites. However, undergrads who are working with a faculty, staff or graduate student may participate in an existing site. See “Adding a User to Your Site.”

  1. From our Home page, click on the Create a Site button.
  2. Log in using your UCInetID and password.
  3. In the Site Name field, type in a name for your site.

    Choose your Site Name carefully.  This will be your Web address (URL) and cannot be changed, so keep it short and easy to remember.  You may use your sites’s topic, your name or UCInetID if you’d like.

  4. In the Site Title field, type in a title for your site.  This title can be longer and more descriptive.  It will appear at the top of your site on each page. You can change the site title later.
  5. Choose a Template. We have two to choose from to help you get started. However, you can easily change your home page from a blog to a static front page at any time.
    1. Blog Template – This will create a blog using the UCI Genesis theme. Your front page will list your most recent Posts.
    2. Website Template – This will create a website using the UCI Genesis theme. Your front page will be a static front page. Posts will be listed on a separate Blog page.
  6. Click Create Site.
    Site Creation
  7. Your site will be created and you will see the site link and login URL.

More Questions?
Contact us. We’re here to help.