Logging in to your Site

Every site has two faces: One that the public sees, and your private/admin view. To begin creating and editing content, you will need to log in to your administrative view. If you have just created your site for the first time, you may already be logged in.

How to Log In

Logging in from UCI Sites

  1. A login link is present on the main UCI Sites page. To login from the main UCI sites page, click the Log in link under  Site Tools in the footer.  You’ll be prompted for your UCInetID that will take you directly to the Admin interface.
  2. From the My Sites menu in the Admin bar, select your site’s Dashboard.

Logging in from Your Website

  1. The login link is also present on your site page. To login from your site page, go to your sites’s address, https://sites.uci.edu/yoursitename/. Look for Site Tools and the Login link.
  1. If you do not have the Site Tools widget, you can log in to your Admin interface by going directly to your login URL: https://sites.uci.edu/yoursitename/wp-admin/

UCI Sites uses WebAuth for authentication. Log in with your UCInetID and password.

Adding the Meta Widget

If your want to add a login area to your site or blog, you can use the Meta widget. It is often enabled by default, but can be removed when you add other widgets to your sidebar or removed manually.

  1. From the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets
  2. Find the Custom Meta widget in the Available Widgets panel
  3. Drag the Custom Meta widget to the desired widget area.
    Custom Meta Widget
  4. View your site, your Login link will now be displayed. (Note, if you are logged in the link will read “Site Admin”.

WordPress Dashboard and Admin Panel

Once logged in, you will see the WordPress Dashboard which is the administration area of your blog.  This is where you configure your blog, write posts, write pages, add users, etc. This area may seem overwhelming at first. We will go over the basics over the next few pages to help you navigate the Admin Panel so that you may configure it to your liking and begin blogging.

If Your Session Expires

It’s easy to log back in without losing changes. If your session times out while you are working, a modal window will appear on top of whatever admin page you are on, allowing you to log in again without losing your place.

time-out modal

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