Adding Links

One feature of web pages and blogs is the ability to link to other content on the web.  The Link tool on the Writing Toolbar makes it easy to add links.

Adding a Link

  1. Open a draft of a post or page that you are working on or create a new post.
  2. Select the text in the editing area that you want linked.
  3. Click Insert/edit link on the toolbar (or use the Command + K shortcut)
    Insert Link button
    This dialogue box opens…
    Add a new link
  4. Type or paste in the URL or type to search your internal content
  5. Click the blue arrow to apply the link.

Editing a Link

  1. Edit the Page or Post
  2. Select the linked text and click the Insert/Edit Link button in the toolbar.
    Insert Link button
  3. Change the link using the options listed above.
  4. Update your Page or Post

Removing a Link

If you need to remove a link:

  1. Edit the Page or Post
  2. Select the linked text and click the Unlink button in the toolbar.
    Remove Link button
  3. Update your Page or Post

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