Publishing a Post

The last step to making your post available on your blog is to Publish it. The post will be added to your site chronologically and archived for your readers to see. There are a few options you can set before you publish your post.


Publish PaneIn the Publish pane of your Add New Post editor, you can see that your post is still a draft. You can change this by clicking Edit next to Draft. For instance, if you need to send it off to an editor for review, you can change the status to Pending Review.


You can choose some privacy options by clicking Edit next to Public. By default, it is set to Public.

(For screenshots, see Privacy Options on Posts & Pages)

  • Public – Anyone can see it
    • Stick this post to the front page – This post will be “stuck” to the front page before all other posts regardless of chronology.
  • Password Protected – You can choose a password for your readers to use before they can see it
  • Private – Only you or other blog members can see it.


You can decide when you want to publish your post. The default is set to immediately, but you may want to write some posts in advance and publish them at a designated time. To schedule when you want to publish the post, click Edit next to Immediately, make your choices then click Publish. You will see a notice at the top of the page stating that your post has been published with a link to view it.