Meetings for Fall Quarter 2018 are Thursdays 6:30-8:20, Location: HH 100

Dumbledore's Anteater's mission is to harbor a culture of openness and inclusion, specifically representing a love of nerdy literature and media. D.A. tries to inspire its members to share their passion about Harry Potter and other fandoms in creative and innovative ways. Some activities we execute in club are nerdy crafts, fandom themed games, trivia nights, fandom discussions, and more! D.A. provides a casual, enjoyable environment for students to get away from the stress of academics and find lasting friendships. D.A. welcomes fans of all ages, backgrounds, and experience with the series. Whether you've only seen the films or read all the books seven times each, you're welcome here!


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Current member dues: $5 per quarter or $12 for the entire year.

Benefits: Reduced cost or free participation in activities (e.g. wandmaking workshop, potion bottle necklaces), discounts on Yule Ball, Halloween Party, club T-shirts, and more!

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