2018-19: Leadership is passed on to Heather Stantial, Cat Tran, Katrina Hough, and Emma Dorn.

ENIGMA is expanded to include Zotbenders, Zotcon at UCI, Pokémon Club, The Association of Gamers at UCI (Smash Ultimate Division & CSGO Division), Yugioh Club at UCI, Anteaters’ Guide to the Galaxy, Weiss Schwarz Club, and Cal Animage Epsilon, making this ENIGMA 2018 the biggest and most diverse ENIGMA to date.

2017-18: Leadership is passed on to Emily Price, Julia Asher, Caitlin Callaghan, and Dominique Chen.

2016-17: Leadership is passed on to Adam McInnes, Sylvia Alejo, Steven Shinder, and Oscar Portillo.

2015-16: Leadership is passed on to Brittany Ottoson, Heather Lee Hermesman, Katie Mills, Bella Dorado, and Miguel Ochoa

2014-15: Leadership is passed on to Heather Johnson, Dillon Sefic, Maranda Li, and Tara Leederman

Anteater Quidditch becomes an official UCI club! (Separate from DA)

“A Very Potter Evening” — The Second Annual Yule Ball is covered by the New University, UCI’s school newspaper

  • The 2nd Yule Ball breaks attendance records, selling over 200 tickets!

The DA is mentioned in the OCWeekly blog for Wayzgoose 2015.

D.A. does crafts!

  • Heads of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, Maranda Li and Tara Leederman incorporate elements of creativity and craftsmanship into club culture, running a few HP/nerdy themed craft every quarter
  • Ex: snitch christmas ornaments, handmade wands, felt potter puppet pals, sharpie mugs, origami howlers, house banners, and feather quills

2013-14: The club is rebuilt by Alejandro Komai, Viral Shah, and Alyssa Sipin

Anteater Quidditch is founded by James Luby.

The Inaugural Yule Ball is re-launched as a formal ballroom event.

Unnofficial Hangouts are established

  • The friendship magic is so strong, 1 meeting a week isn’t enough so Head of Gryffindor Alyssa Sipin and member Dillon Sefic take initiative in planning extra social events and hangouts for outside the regular meeting days
  • Ex. Field trips to Turtle Rock, watching UCI’s Improv Team “Live Nude People,” movie nights, tour of UCI’s art exhibits, games of Mafia, Cards Against Humanity, and more!

Enigma at UCI is founded

  • Founded in 1986 at the University of California, Los Angeles campus, ENIGMA was a home for nerds of all fandoms, passions, and walks of life. In 2013, Head of Slytherin, Alejandro Komai brought the spirit of ENIGMA to our very own UCI campus, uniting four of the biggest nerd clubs on campus in a collaboration to throw the best Halloween bash UCI has ever seen. Throughout the year, the four clubs, under the banner of ENIGMA, hosted socials and mixers, shared resources, and collaborated to make UCI just a little bit nerdier, and better.

2009-10: Dumbledore’s Anteaters is founded by Caitlin McEvoy