2018-2019 Schedule

Winter 2019

Seminars will be held in SSPB 3218 at 3:30-5pm.  For more information about the UCI Econometrics Colloquium please contact Ying-Ying Lee.

February 25: Tong Li (Vanderbilt University)
Paper: Quantile Treatment Effects with Two-Sided Measurement Error
March 11: Ruoyao Shi (UC Riverside)
Paper: What Time Use Surveys Can (And Cannot) Tell Us about Labor Supply
March 18: Dale Poirier (UC Irvine)
Paper: Mostly Harmless Bayesian Econometrics 

Spring 2019

April 1: Jaap H. Abbring (Tilburg University)
Paper: Identifying the Discount Factor in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models (paper)
April 8: Yanqin Fan (University of Washington)
Paper: Uniform Inference in a Generalized Interval-Arithmetic Center and Range Model
April 22: Michael Kolesar (Princeton University)
Paper: Inference in shift-share designs (paper)

May 6: Yu-Wei Hsieh (USC)
Paper: Prediction and Congestion in Two-Sided Markets: Economist versus Machine Matchmakers (paper)

May 13: Rodrigo Pinto (UCLA)
Paper: Noncompliance as a Rational Choice: A Framework that Exploits Compromises in Social Experiments to Identify Causal Effects (paper)
May 20: Zhuan Pei (Cornell University)
Paper: Graphical Presentation in Regression Discontinuity Designs

Fall 2018

October 15: Max Farrell (University of Chicago)
Paper: Deep Neural Networks for Estimation and Inference: Application to Causal Effects and Other Semiparametric Estimands (paper)
October 29: Padma Sharma (UC Irvine)
Paper: Uncovering Heterogeneity in the Resolution of Bank Failures: A Bayesian Latent Class Model for Ordinal Outcomes (paper)
November 5: Michael Lechner (University of St. Gallen)
Paper: Machine Learning Estimation of Heterogeneous Causal Effects: Empirical Monte Carlo Evidence
Note: This seminar is organized jointly with the Labor/public seminar
November 19: Joseph Romano (Stanford University)
Paper: TBD
Social Science Plaza A, Room 2112
November 26: Isaiah Andrews (Harvard University)
Paper: Inference on Winners (paper)