Beatriz da Costa: ex•pose

Beatriz da Costa The Laguna Art Museum is featuring some of the last projects by UCI Art Department faculty member Beatriz da Costa, who died of cancer in December 2012.  This exhibition, curated by Grace Kook-Anderson as the fourth in the museum’s s ex·pose series, features Beatriz’s triptych video installation Dying for the Other, which examines the intimate relationship between the mice used in breast cancer research in parallel with the artist’s own experience with terminal cancer. It also includes two related projects: Melissa’s Apothecary, a cabinet of herbs and spices with known anticarcinogenic properties, and the Anti-Cancer Survival Kit, which is being completed posthumously by a team of collaborators. There are also videos of the last two talks Beatriz gave about her work in 2012.

The show opens June 2nd and runs until September 29th. A tour of the exhibition with Beatriz’s assistant Crys Moore is scheduled for June 16th.