Brett Doar for GoldieBlox

Brett GoldieBlox smlAfter the success of the OK Go music video “This Too Shall Pass” with its big-box sized Rube Goldberg machine¬† (now with 4 million hits), ACE alum Brett Doar has gone on to make other contraptions, the most recent being for an ad for GoldieBlox engineering toys for girls. Eric Mesple, also an ACE alum, was part of the team for this project. The Los Angeles Times has an interesting story about this ad and its making.

For those who are new to this site, ACE (Arts Computation Engineering) was a graduate program at UC Irvine founded by EAD faculty member Simon Penny. EAD faculty member Antoinette LaFarge, and former faculty members Robert Nideffer and Beatriz da Costa taught in the ACE program from 2003 until it closed in 2011.