Below are listed the main EAD courses that have been taught since 1999. Most of these are undergraduate courses because our graduate program has relatively few specialized seminars, focusing more on individual and group critique courses.  Some links to online syllabi and student projects are listed below their courses. For student projects in some courses, see the ‘Student Showcase’ area of this site under ‘Resources’ in the menu.

The curriculum was restructured in 2009-10 in order to create clearer sequences of courses from beginning to advanced. It was further reworked in 2013-14 when the Digital Arts Minor was brought fully inside the Art Department. There are several new courses in the curriculum. In addition, some familiar courses are now taught under new course numbers, and a few courses have been retired.

Courses that count towards the Digital Arts Minor are marked with an asterisk (*).

Foundation Courses

ART 1A-B-C Art in Context (a requirement for all Art majors)

ART 9A Media, Art, and Technology (a requirement for all Art majors)

EAD Courses

ART 11B Media Art and Design History

*ART 12A. Art, Design, and Electronic Culture

*ART 12B. Art, Science and Society: Steam to Steampunk

*65A Foundations in Media Design
—Foundations of Media Design syllabus [2013]

*65B Introduction to the Internet
Introduction to the Internet syllabus [2013]
—Introduction to the Internet syllabus [2005]

ART 65C. Gizmology and Kinetics

ART 65E. Mechatronic Art I

100 Special Topics: Experimental Media Performance
Experimental Media Performance syllabus [2015]

100 Special Topics: Hypermedia
—Hypermedia syllabus [2000]

100 Special Topics: Interactive Narrative
—Interactive Narrative syllabus [2007]
—Interactive Narrative syllabus [2005]

100 Special Topics: Performance & Persona

*106A Programming for Artists
—Programming for Artists syllabus [2014]
—Programming for Artists syllabus [2009]

*106B Game Studies 

*106C Design for Print
—Digital Type and Communication syllabus [2006]
—Digital Type Student Projects [2006]
—Digital Type and Communication syllabus [2003]

110B Mechatronic Art II

110C Mechatronic Art III

126A Tactical Media and the Politics of Information

126B Issues in Techno-Art

*130A Projects in New Technologies 

130B: Topics in Game Design

130C World Building
—World Building syllabus [2010]
—World Building syllabus [2007]

133 The Graphic Novel
—Graphic Novel syllabus [2010]

*ART 143. Projects in Computer Painting

Other Courses of Interest

Arts 75: Digital Media: Exhibition

Studio Art 9B Visiting Artists
—Visiting Artists syllabus [2007]

Studio Art 236 Graduate Topics in Production: Appropriation Art & Ownership
—Appropriation Art & Ownership syllabus  [2007]

Uni. Studies 198 Net as New Town Hall
—Net as New Town Hall syllabus  [2007]