EAD courses 2015-16

ead-news2Below are the courses being taught by Electronic Art and Design faculty  and teaching associates in the school year 2015-16. The courses for Fall are already open for enrollment; the courses for Winter and Spring are provisional and may change between now and then.

Fall 2015

Art 50A: Matter and Media — Bryan Jackson

Art 65A: Foundations of Media Design — Antoinette LaFarge

Art 65C: Gizomology — Simon Penny

Art 100: Experimental Media Performance — Antoinette LaFarge

Winter 2016

Art 12A: Electronic Culture — Jesse Jackson

Art 50B: Interaction and Experience — Bryan Jackson

Art 65D: Digital Design and Fabrication — Jesse Jackson

Art 65E: Mechatronic Art I — Simon Penny

Art 133: The Graphic Novel — Antoinette LaFarge

Art 126B: Issues in Techno-Arts — Antoinette LaFarge

Spring 2017

Art 1C: Art in Context (Cyberspace unit) — Jesse Jackson

Art 12B: Steam to Steampunk — Simon Penny

Art 65A: Foundations in Media Design — TBA

Other courses of possible interest to EAD students

Art 128: Issues in New Genres (Fall) — Deborah Oliver

Art 81A: Video Production (Fall) — Bryan Jackson