Far-Flung follows function

pressFFF-cropIn mid-October, Art Department faculty member Antoinette LaFarge will be premiering a new media performance project in collaboration with New York artist Ursula Endlicher. It will take place Oct. 10, 11, 12 @ 8 pm and Oct. 12 @ 2 pm in the Experimental Media Performance Lab (xMPL) at UC Irvine. Far-Flung follows function is a pretty wild theatrical exploration in which the performance space turns into a crashing computer whose population of finders, daemons, mice, and the like struggle to avert catastrophe. Time-of-day and weather data from cities around the world will be used to drive the theatrical environment (e.g. lights) in real time. Welcome to the commedia of the motherboard. Get your tickets here, or check out the project website for more information.

FFFF stageUpdate November 2013: Below are a couple of photos from the Far-Flung  production. The photo at left shows the stage from above, organized as an abstract motherboard, with the Finder’s trash heap in the middle and the MouseCursor’s toolbox at upper right. Audience members mingled with performers in this space, witnessing three attempts to restart the crashed system. Below right is the MouseDaemon character working with some of his ‘tools’. FFFF mouseHelper