Feminist Infrastructures and Technology Conference

FIC-poster_0974-webIn April, EAD faculty member Antoinette LaFarge gave a talk at the Feminist Infrastructures and Technology Conference at UC San Diego on the late Beatriz da Costa’s work. Entitled “Less Dismal Science,” it was a look at da Costa’s commitment to furthering public understanding of science and a hands-on approach to experimentation through her work.

The conference featured a very eclectic group of speakers on subjects ranging from the three “legacies” talks on notable women who have died in the past few years (da Costa, Susan Leigh Star, and Anne Friedberg) to reproductive technologies (Chikako Takeshita), the new feminist journal Ada (Carol Stabile), the ‘data individual’ (Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli), early 20th century women ethnomusicologists (Roshanak Kheshti), cutting-edge identity performance (Tina Takemoto), magic lanterns (Amy-Claire Huestis), the idea of scanners as a medium rather than a technology (Lan Le), and social gaming (Susana Ruiz). An evening of films by Sharon Daniel, Zeniabu Davis, Erika Suderburg, and others, plus a brown-bag luncheon with N. Katherine Hayles on the subject of digital humanities, rounded out a very intense two and a half days.