Digital Arts Minor

The minor in Digital Arts at UC Irvine provides opportunities to explore creativity through forms of digital media. The program is open to students from all areas of UCI who want to acquire a working knowledge of how work using digital media is conceived, constructed, and performed. In the studio, students receive hands-on experience with current software tools, creating and sharing digital art projects, developing an appreciation of digital aesthetics and conceptual design, and learning the fundamentals of desktop video, audio, and web authoring software. Lectures and discussions examine how today’s pervasive digital culture evolves through interdisciplinary collaborations among artists, engineers, scientists, and scholars. Course work considers relationships between digital media practices, touching on such areas as social networking, video/audio podcasting, interface design, digital music, telematic performance, intelligent agents, virtual realities, artificial life, and ubiquitous computing. The program investigates critical issues related to emerging technologies and the arts, and surveys recent works by leading digital media artists.

In 2013, the campuswide Digital Arts Minor came under the oversight of the Art Department (it had previously been housed at the school level). Since Winter 2014, it has been directed by EAD faculty member Jesse Colin Jackson. Below are the courses currently listed in the minor.


  • Arts 1: Arts Core
  • Art 12A: Art, Design, and Electronic Culture (formerly Arts 11)
  • Art 12B: From Steam to Steampunk (formerly Arts 12)
  • Art 50A: Matter and Media (formerly Arts 50)
  • Art 50B: Interaction and Experience (formerly Arts 60)
  • Art 50C: Digital Media: Interaction Design (formerly Arts 70)

(any of the following)

  • Arts 75: Digital Media: Exhibition
  • Art 65A: Foundations in Media Design
  • Art 65B: Foundations in Internet Art and Design
  • Art 81A: Video Production
  • Art 81B: Video Stage Production
  • Art 100: Special Topics (when topic is related to digital arts)
  • Art 106A: Programming for Artists
  • Art 106B: Game Studies
  • Art 106C: Design for Print
  • Art 130A: Projects in New Technologies
  • Art 143: Projects in Computer Painting
  • Dance 163: Dance and Video Technology
  • Dance 164: Screendance
  • Music 51: Music Technology and Computers
  • Music 147: Studies in Music Technology
  • Music 151: Computer Music Composition
  • Music 152: Interactive Arts Programming