Pump2Plug is now available!

UCI Transportation’s Pump2Plug is an innovative incentive program that facilitates the adoption of zero-emission vehicles in Southern California for UCI faculty and staff commuters. Our approach is to encourage commuters to make our community more sustainable by offering complimentary Level 1 charging for those who purchase zero-emission electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. By offering complimentary charging, Pump2Plug helps bridge the gap on mileage constraints and curb range anxiety. UCI Transportation will offer additional incentives through the program such as dealership discounts and current information regarding federal, state, and local incentives that promote EV ownership.

Program Details:

  • All non-student UCI faculty and staff are eligible to participate.
  • Pump2Plug members may receive up to 3 years of complimentary level 1 charging at signed campus Pump 2 Plug ChargePoint locations.
  • Pump2Plug members may receive up to 3 years of level 2 charging at the reduced rate of $1.15 per hour.
  • Promotional rates end after three years.
  • Personal carbon credits resulting from the purchase or use of the vehicle must be signed over to UCI in order to participate in the Pump2Plug program.
  • All external rebates and incentives are subject to change by their respective managing agencies.
  • Participation in the program does not guarantee availability of a charging port.

Pump2Plug enrollees will also benefit from UCI’s membership in the Chargepoint network, with access to nearly 700 complimentary charging options throughout Southern California.