Revolutionizing 911


Last month, a dispatch center in Tarrant County, TX rolled out a new emergency communications tool that could prove to be more accurate and efficient for callers requesting emergency assistance. The SirenGPS mobile app, or what’s being called “Uber for 911,” is an application for cell phones that use Uber-style GPS technology that will deliver the callers pinpointed location with a 90% accuracy reading for dispatch personnel.  This is a significant improvement from traditional cell phone calls that oftentimes provide dispatch personnel with the location of the nearest cell phone tower and not necessarily the caller’s exact location.  The truth is that, until now, Uber could find where is caller is faster than 911 emergency services; particularly if the caller isn’t sure themselves.

There are a number of other foreseeable benefits to this app as well including 1) the ability to place an emergency request that is not dependent upon cell signal; 2) the users option to upload medical information to the app so that first responders will have a profile on medical responses prior to arriving on scene; 3) a fewer number of steps/clicks on your phone to reach emergency response personnel; and 4) the ability to inform dispatchers of the callers need when communication challenges are present (i.e. language barriers, physical inability to speak or situations where speaking may put the caller in danger).

For more information on this fascinating new means of contacting requesting emergency assistance see the entire article @

Please note that the SirenGPS App is ONLY being used in Tarrant County, TX and is NOT being used by UCIPD or any other dispatch center in the State of California.  For emergencies on and off campus continue to use the traditional method of dialing 911 to request assistance.


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