2018 Campus Search and Rescue (CSAR) Annual Training

The UCI Campus Search and Rescue (CSAR) program, which is coordinated by Anne LeSage from UCIPD’s Emergency Management Division, held its annual training for new members in August 2018. CSAR is a voluntary program that is open to all UCI faculty and staff, and provides participants with the necessary tools and information to improve their ability to assist family members, neighbors, and colleagues during and after an emergency or disaster.

With the completion of the 3-day, 18-hour training, which was held in the Palo Verde Community Room on August 3, 10, and 17, the campus welcomed its 23rd CSAR Cohort that was comprised of 32 new volunteers. These new members will now bolster the cadre of dedicated CSAR volunteers – over 400 individuals have been trained since the program’s inception in 2004 – that are prepared to answer the call and assist the campus following a large emergency or disaster. For example, should an activation of CSAR by campus leadership be required, these individuals may be asked to assist emergency responders by searching lightly damaged buildings, triaging injured people, providing limited first aid, and performing other duties, as necessary.

As such, the rigorous, yet fun and engaging, CSAR curriculum has been designed to ensure all participants who successfully complete the program have the adequate knowledge and skills to perform the aforementioned vital duties following any emergency or disaster. In all, topics covered during the training include disaster preparedness, emergency utility shut-offs, hazardous materials handling, fire safety and suppression, disaster first aid and triage, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, terrorism and active shooter incidents, and a review of campus emergency management plans. Lastly, the final training session closes with a full-scale drill to practice and reinforce everything learned throughout the course.

If you are a UCI faculty or staff member and are interested in learning more about CSAR, please contact Anne LeSage at awidney@uci.edu, or visit the CSAR webpage.


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