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John Durham Peters, Speaking into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication

“The ideal of communication, as Adorno said, would be a condition in which the only thing that survives the disgraceful fact of our mutual difference is the delight that difference makes possible.” (31)

Hans-Georg Gadamer

When you take a word in your mouth you must realize that you have not taken a tool that can be thrown aside if it will not do the job, but you are fixed in a direction of thoughts which comes from afar and stretches beyond you.

E. Gabriella Coleman, Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking, 2013

“An ethical life demands constant attention, response, reevaluation, and renewal.” (158)

Ralph Ellison, Shadow and Act, 1964

“There is a cruel contradiction implicit in the art form itself. For true jazz is an art of individual assertion within and against the group. Each true jazz moment (as distinct from the uninspired commercial performance) springs from a context in which each artist challenges all the rest, each solo flight, or improvisation, represents (like the successive canvases of a painter) a definition of his identity: as individual, as member of the collectivity, and as link in the chain of tradition. This, because jazz finds its very life in an endless improvisation upon traditional materials, the jazzman must lose his identity even as he find it.”

Leo Tolstoy, “Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves?”

“True life is not lived where great external changes take placeā€¦ it is lived only where these tiny, tiny, infinitesimal changes occur.”