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Chinese Nuclear Plans

According to articles in the China Daily, the Chinese have 13 operating nuclear reactors now, which is 7% of their electrical power.  There are 28 nuclear reactors under construction, and they plan to generate 11% of their power by nuclear by the … Continue reading

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OLLI Talk “A Renaissance of US Nuclear Power?”

“A Renaissance of US Nuclear Power?” is a new talk on nuclear power given to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) by George Hume.

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Dean William Schonfeld (Emeritus) Forum talk “Challenges to UCI”

Dean Willy Schonfeld (Emeritus) gave the UCI Forum talk on May 11, 2011 on “Challenges to UCI”, which mainly focused on the current budget crises and the changes that might occur in the UC’s structure and future reputation.  Its hard … Continue reading

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Dark Matter Talk to OLLI

Dark Matter Talk to OLLI

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“I Robot” now programmed for data gathering and mining

In Isaac Azimov’s book “I Robot”, the law of robotics was to do no harm to human beings.  If a computer system became self realizing today, it would find no such restriction.  In fact, looking at its programs, it would find … Continue reading

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Universe’s Dark Energy May be Zero From Theory

I just got back from a four day American Physical Society meeting in Anaheim.  It was also a Division of Particle and Fields meeting, my old vocation.  So I am going to milk it for a few blog entries.  This … Continue reading

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