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What is Australian Carbon Tax worth in MPG improvement?

Australia has just instituted a Carbon tax of $24 per metric tonne of Carbon (not CO2 I believe).  This is offset by a $10 a week in additional benefits or tax cuts to households.  Since 20 pounds of CO2 are emitted … Continue reading

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Ocean Heat Record can be misinterpreted

I just wrote a letter to the Orange County Register in response to a letter that implied that since the sea energy content from 0 to 700 meters depth had not changed since 2003, global warming might be over.  Here … Continue reading

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Wealthy Will Pay for Consequences of Global Warming

Whether Republican climate change “doubters” block significant mitigation measures or not, their wealthy followers will still be paying for the disruptions and damages caused by the inevitable climate changes.  Climate change may already be producing more severe weather events like … Continue reading

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Implicit Expense Hikes for Republicans in Refusal to Consider Tax Hikes

Because of a Republican refusal to maintain recent tax increases, or even put them on the ballot, California state funding is falling in several areas that wealthier Republicans are going to have to make up for in their families and … Continue reading

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