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San Onofre Nuclear Plant Safety Talk

Last night I went to the talk on SONGS nuclear safety by Caroline McAndrews, M.A., an engineer and director of License Renewal for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and Japan earthquake response manager.  It will be on YouTube in the … Continue reading

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Talk by Ralph Cicerone at the Dedication of the Library Exhibit for F. Sherwood Rowland

Dr. Ralph Cicerone, President of the National Academy of Sciences and former UC Irvine Chancellor and Dean of Physical Sciences, gave a talk last night on the dedication of the UCI library exhibit and collection of papers for Prof. F. … Continue reading

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Comments on the Proposed 2025 Fuel Economy Standards

Today’s LA Times has a good article on the proposed fuel economy standards for 2025.  The standards are stated as each fleet will achieve 54.5 mpg average by then, and that will gradually be reached starting from 2017.  The current … Continue reading

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Population and Presidential Elections

In preparing a short lecture for lifelong learning on how statistical fluctuations or “records” naturally grow with time, I looked up those for popular votes in presidential elections.  This led to an old concern of many of how we are … Continue reading

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An Approach to Calculating Risk for Nuclear Reactors in Earthquake Zones

This is a rather naive approach to calculating risk for putting nuclear reactors in earthquake zones.  I should of course have looked up an official approach, and become an earthquake scientist and statistician.  I assume such reports will be forthcoming … Continue reading

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Talk by Peter Kareiva, Chief Scientist of the Nature Conservancy

This is a brief report of the talk by Peter Karieva, Chief Scientist of the Nature Conservancy, given Nov. 10, 2011 at the Beckman Center for the National Acadamies of Science and Engineering.  The youtube video of the talk will … Continue reading

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