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Why Does Gas Cost So Much?

How can a single physicist know the answer?  Only an insider or an institute of experts like the Cambridge Energy Research Associates, or an investment company with computers and experts could do a good analysis of this, and they would charge … Continue reading

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Comparison of Nuclear Power Plants with Solar Tower Power

A recent LA Times article and the Brightsource Energy website give data on the Solar Tower reflecting mirror power sources currently being built.  Today the first two new nuclear reactors have been approved, and the cost for an 1.1 gigaWatt … Continue reading

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Comments on Wall Street Journal “No Need to Panic About Global Warming” Editorial

This editorial is a pastiche of anti global warming ideas.  There are already 134 responses to it listed on Google.  Not being a climate scientist, I leave it up to them to respond to the details, but I would like … Continue reading

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