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Americans Lose Big in Lottery and Oil Subsidies

It’s been a week of BIG losses for Americans.  First, they lost $4 billion in a Senate vote that will continue the yearly subsidy to oil companies.  The vote had 51-47 mostly Democratic votes to abolish the subsidy, but that … Continue reading

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The California Lottery and Education

Part of the money invested in the California lottery goes to public education in California.  The formula has gotten more complex than the older 34% rule, so I will just report on the results here, taken from the California lottery … Continue reading

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Sources of California Oil

California is like an island in terms of oil.  It does not have long range pipelines to it.  It is now importing about half of its oil from foreign sources, and a small amount from Alaska, through its ports.  See … Continue reading

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Increases in Fuel Economy to Reduce the Cost of Gas

Mpg for various countries into the future, from the UN DESA, 2011, shown by Kelly Rigg, Huffington post. This graph shows that the European Union and Japan are already over 45 mpg average for new cars, and over 40 for … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise in California, Leading Counties, and Southern California Cities

There is a new survey coupling government data on altitude contours with the 2010 census to determine the areas, number of dwellings, and the number of people affected by projected sea level rises plus storm surges of from one foot to … Continue reading

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My Trip to

As a responsible and intrepid academic researcher, it was my duty to make a trip to to find out how to lower the price of gas to $2.50 a gallon, despite the risk of exposure to political rhetoric.  On … Continue reading

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White House Data on Recent Oil Production

The White House website has presented the last decade’s data on oil production, imports, and prices to show that we are producing more and importing less.  They also show that oil prices are more set by worldwide economic events and … Continue reading

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