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San Joaquin Hills Blind Thrust Fault Scenario

In this area we experienced a sharp 3.9 magnitude earthquake on Monday morning, April 23, at 10:37 AM.  According to the LA Times this could have been on the San Joaquin Hills blind thrust fault, with epicenter around Dana Point. … Continue reading

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My Talks on Richard Feynman and Murray Gell-Mann to OLLI

I gave talks on “The Physicists Richard Feynman and Murray Gell-Mann” to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UC Irvine.  I tried to explain their physics contributions in simple terms and pictures, and show their genius in finding the simple and intuitive … Continue reading

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Newport Inglewood Magnitude Probability Maps

Using the USGS site, I generated maps relevant to the question of the probability of occurence of high magnitude quakes on the Newport-Inglewood fault, and coincidentally all of the other faults.  The maps are centered on UC Irvine, just because … Continue reading

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Earthquakes, Wind, Fire and Water

In recently thinking about earthquakes, I recalled that the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake did a lot of its damage from the subsequent fires, which day after day burned their way around the city unchecked.  In considering how to be safe … Continue reading

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Newport-Inglewood Faulty Fault Information

Some anti-nuclear sites are using an earthquake map from the LA Times on April 28, 2010 that show the Newport-Inglewood fault in red, indicating an earthquake potential of 7.5 – 8.0.  I didn’t know whether to flee first, or take … Continue reading

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Energy Use in Irvine

Since I live and work in Irvine, I want to summarize its energy use taken from the City of Irvine Energy Plan, approved in 2008, and using 2006 data.  It used 18.5 trillion BTUs in 2006.  That energy use was … Continue reading

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Cost and Area of Replacing San Onofre Nuclear Energy by Solar Photovoltaics

Nuclear power is directly emission free clean power, and replacing the fuel only uses about 5% of the energy generated, which might end up as fossil fuel usage.  In Southern California some want to replace a possibly closed nuclear plant … Continue reading

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Update on California Solar Power

Solar Thermal There are 4243 megaWatts approved, and 1500 megaWatts under review.  1164 megaWatts are installed, and an average cost of $7.08 per Watt, for projects greater than 10 kiloWatt. Solar Photovoltaic and the California Solar Initiative As of 4/4/12, … Continue reading

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Comments on Larry Agran’s Talk on San Onofre

I read Larry Agran’s talk to the packed Irvine City Council meeting on the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).  I want to make comments on some of the statements made there. First of all he makes the comparison that … Continue reading

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The San Onofre Tsunami Wall and Reactor Protections

I am going to summarize here the Hydrology Report used to justify the height of the tsunami wall at the San Onofre Nuclear Generator Plant (SONGS).  I haven’t found out the date of the report yet, but from the references it … Continue reading

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