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Talk by Mr. Yasutel Yamada at UC Irvine from the Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima

  John Whiteley sponsored this talk for his class along with the Environmental Institute October 29, 2012 First John showed a short film on the Sendai earthquake and tsunami by NHK World Film.  Some notes from the film follow. The … Continue reading

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SC Edison’s and California’s 2011 Greenhouse Gas Content

I was amazed to find in my September 2012 SCE bill their Power Content Label for 2011, a report on their energy sources required by California law.  When I tried to look up more information on the California website, all … Continue reading

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University Funding and California’s Economy

Proposition 30 will add much needed funding for the University of California campuses, and for the California State Universities. This will allow for more classes and more students, and for students to finish faster by getting the classes that they … Continue reading

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Talk by Prof. Richard Hasen on Voting Wars

This is a summary of today’s UCI Forum by Prof. Richard Hasen on “Voting Wars”.  He is the Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science in the UCI Law School.  He is a prominent national expert on election law and … Continue reading

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Projections for Future US Natural Gas

A graph for future US natural gas production has been posted in an article in Science Magazine by Eric McFarland (Vol. 338, p. 340-2, 19 October, 2012).  The article is titled “Unconventional Chemistry for Unconventional Natural Gas” showing the chemistry … Continue reading

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Talk by Henry Samueli of Broadcom at UC Irvine Communications 2025

Henry Samueli, for whom our School of Engineering and Applied Science is named, gave a luncheon talk at UC Irvine for the conference Communications 2025 on October 17, 2012.  He is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Broadcom (which … Continue reading

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Summary of Talks on “How Safe is Nuclear Power: Implications for San Onofre”

I will present here a short summary of the talks at the luncheon of The Newkirk Center for Science and Society at UC Irvine on October 16, 2012 on the topic “How Safe is Nuclear Power:  Implications for San Onofre”. … Continue reading

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PBS and NPR funding and Education

It seemed odd that when Gov. Romney cited two government funded programs that he would cut, one of them was PBS.  On the PBS website, I found that government funding was only 15% of their funding, and that it only … Continue reading

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Politics, Energy and Education

I have usually tried to stay scientific and nonpartisan in my entries in this blog.  However, the election has brought up many issues about energy and education, where the two parties and Presidential candidates differ sharply.  As both candidates strongly support freedom of … Continue reading

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