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Emissions and Radiative Forcing Models for IPCC 5 in 2013

The leaked IPCC drafts are hard to read because they refer to a set of projections for greenhouse gas emissions pileups, and excess average radiation stored in the earth’s systems.  These are called RCPs, or Representative Concentration Pathways.  While the prase … Continue reading

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UC Irvine Forum Talk by Lisa Grant Ludwig of UCI on the Earthquake Problem

 These are my notes on the UC Irvine Forum given by Lisa Grant Ludwig, Professor of Public Health at UCI, on Dec. 12, 2012.  The title was: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Solving the Earthquake Problem (The slides from part of … Continue reading

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New Higgs ATLAS Results on the Two Photon and Four Lepton Decays

This is an update on my lifelong learning lectures (OLLI) on the Higgs.  For real experts discussion I refer you to my sources of the lecture by Tom LeCompte at the KITP workshop, and the discussion on Resonaances on Dec. 13, called “Twin … Continue reading

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Recent References for the Higgs

Lisa Randall has a new, inexpensive and short book (78 pages) on the Higgs discovery called Higgs Discovery.  It is also available in ebook format. Sean Carroll has a book on the Higgs called The Particle at the End of the … Continue reading

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More About Supersymmetry

  First of all, is a photo of Peter Higgs as a young man in 1954, about the time that he developed the Higgs theory. Next, in the discussion of SUSY, I didn’t include a diagram showing the SUSY particles … Continue reading

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