Recent References for the Higgs

Lisa Randall has a new, inexpensive and short book (78 pages) on the Higgs discovery called Higgs Discovery.  It is also available in ebook format.

Sean Carroll has a book on the Higgs called The Particle at the End of the Universe, which is now on sale and in ebook format.  It is 390 pages, information I give since some people can read long books, and some of us cannot.

Sean Carroll also has a great up to date blog on particle physics called Cosmic Variance on Discover Magazine.

Another up to date blog is Resonaances.

Matt Strassler has an informative and humorous blog:

A very well illustrated blog is by Flip Tanedo at

The is a central list of all web articles in the press for particle physics at

These blogs also link to other blogs.  They also can be technical but are very complete.

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