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The Higgs and String Theory

A Grand Unified Theory of the weak, electromagnetic and strong color forces can be achieved with the existence of supersymmetric partners to be discovered around a thousand GeV in energy.  (A GeV is around the mass of the proton and … Continue reading

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Some Climate and Energy iPhone and iPad Apps

The first set of Apps are for the Climate, Earth, and Sun. Skeptical Science consists of scientific answers to misunderstandings about and arguments against climate change. It also includes summaries of daily news about climate science. CliMate shows you all … Continue reading

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Websites for Climate Science Information for UC Irvine OLLI Classes

First is the link to the OLLI NOAA lectures that we are watching: There is a new Draft of the National Climate Assessment to be found on: The National Climate Data Center has a 2011 State of the … Continue reading

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General Comments on the Leak of the Second Draft of WGI of the IPCC Assessment Report 5

First of all, it is an extremely impressive scientific endeavor in terms of the number of scientists involved in each topic or chapter, and the number of references that contribute to it in terms of seven more years of scientific … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Likelihood in IPCC Assessment Reports

The Meaning of Likelihood in IPCC Assessment Reports The following table gives the probability range for the various likelihood descriptions in the report. This is no problem for the drafters of the report to add another language to a simple … Continue reading

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