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Sources of UC Irvine Funding

In connection with the next to previous post about the sources of UCI employees, we now examine changes which have occurred in UC Irvine’s funding, especially the reduction in the percentage of funding by the State of California, and the … Continue reading

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Fire Risk from Homes in the Wildlands

A CoreLogic company report Wildfire Hazard Risk finds that among 13 Western states, there are 740,000 residences at high or very high risk for wildfire damage.  Their property values exceed 136 billion dollars.  These average $184,000.  Among these, 168,000 are … Continue reading

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UC Irvine Student, Faculty and Staff Data

The University is a complex mixture of:  undergraduates, who sometimes work for the university; graduate students, who also teach and do research; faculty, who also administer and bring in outside research funding; and medical schools with attached hospitals that serve … Continue reading

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Update on Higgs Production Analyses from Lepton Photon 2013 and the SLAC Summer Institute

There are new data analyses from ATLAS and CMS at CERN in the properties of the Higgs Boson and in the search for new particles.  The analyses cover the complete 2011 data set at total center of mass energy of … Continue reading

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