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Ignoring Climate Change’s Effects on our Military Endangers Our Troops

The House has just passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization bill to not allow the Department of Defense to implement any of the results of any US or international climate change studies.  The vote was largely along party … Continue reading

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The UC Budget in the 2014-15 California Governor’s Budget

This is an accounting of the UC Budget in the May 13, 2014 revision of the 2014-15 California Governor’s Budget.  I don’t use rounding off. The Total California Budget for 2014-15 is $156.152 billion. The State Budget for Higher Education … Continue reading

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Fact checking Bill Maher on German Green Power

Bill Maher did a service this Friday by discussing climate change. But he did mislead on the point about Germany’s achievement on Green Power or renewables. He said that Germany was running on 74% renewables. One of the panel, Ian … Continue reading

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UC President Janet Napolitano’s Inspiring Talk at UC Irvine

UC President Janet Napolitano gave the annual Jack W. Peltason Lecture for the Center for the Study of Democracy at UC Irvine on May 6, 2014.   Jack Peltason was UC Irvine’s Chancellor from 1984 to 1993.  He was the 16th … Continue reading

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Top US Income Brackets

My previous posts from The World Top Incomes Database have presented the relative share of income received by the various top brackets.  This article concerns the actual incomes needed to make it into a bracket, or the thresholds for the … Continue reading

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Top Income Distributions for Some US Trade Partners

From the Piketty et al. site we have constructed a graph of top 5% income distributions for top US trade partners.  We see a dip for Germany (orange) after World War I.  We also see a dip for everybody … Continue reading

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Top Income Distributions in the US

“The World Top Income Database” has not only collected income by bracket for some 30 countries over the last century, but has also provided a graphic tool that allows you to choose the countries that you want and the income … Continue reading

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UC Irvine is the Top US University Under Fifty, Again

The Times Higher Education magazine has just come out with its 2014 Higher Education Worldwide Rankings to find the Top 100 Universities Under 50 Years Old.  UC Irvine has again placed first among US Universities under 50.  We also rated 7th … Continue reading

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Lifelong Learning is a Bargain

This is explanation of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLI), and a comparison of the costs of our classes to that of a UC public university.  I realize the purposes of the universities and costs are quite different, and will comment … Continue reading

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