Trump: Sacrifice the Rights of the Many to Catch Very Few

Trump: Sacrifice the Rights of the Many to Catch Very Few

The series Star Trek often centered around Spock’s logic of sacrificing the few for the many, while Captain Kirk’s risking everyone and even sacrificing the Enterprise to pick up the few.

This is almost Trump’s willingness to scrap many of our constitutional rights and freedoms to save us from a few attackers. You have to contrast this from the fact that almost 90 people a day die from guns in the US, and Trump refuses to act on this, even in areas where the public favors it.

Trump has threatened even medical care to the perpetrator of the New York City attack, who can give us evidence to where he learned to build bombs, and how he got radicalized.

Trump is anxious to take away due process. He drops the right of innocence until proven guilty. He brags about being able to pre-classify a crime and defendant as requiring a military trial. Even combatants are required to receive medical care. We still don’t know who may have trained the accused, and no group has claimed him as a warrior. There have already been a couple of cases where identified perpetrators were found out to be false leads.

Update Sept. 21, just one day later:  Trump was asked how he could lessen black on black violence.  His answer:  Stop and Frisk, claiming it worked well in New York City.  He was apparently unaware that it was declared unconstitutional by a Federal Appeals court, since it targeted Blacks and Latinos.  After 700,000 stop and frisks a year, it was not found to be helpful.  This also violated Due Process.

In debates, Trump violated due process by claiming Gov. Chris Christie knew about the bridge closing. Chris Christie violated due process in his convention speech by implying that Clinton was guilty and calling for her jailing. At least now Trump is in accord with due process by not dropping Gov. Christie just because a prosecutor in court said that Christie knew about the bridge closing. Trump has been repeating the charge that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assignation, although there is no evidence of this.

The trouble with designing a multi-billion dollar exclusion and monitoring program is micro-examining every small terrorist incident and trying to abstract from it what profiling characteristics to apply. With Trump, the details don’t even have to match his two real targets of Muslims and Hispanics. He also attacks the few Syrian immigrants that we have accepted, even though none have been involved in terror in the US. He also exaggerates Clinton’s supposed plan to allow Syrian refugees in.

Trump has proposed extreme screening of new immigrants. With the latest case he would need extreme screening of citizens returning to the US. He also would need extreme screening of toddlers, and a program to figure out what they would do 30 years in the future. Instead of just screening permanent immigrants, shouldn’t all tourists be screened? Wouldn’t that end tourism? Many of the the US attacks are just committed by caucasian citizens who aren’t well adjusted.

Trump has again threatened freedom of the press saying a few sites publish bomb building information, while a free press really leads to exposing Trump’s lies and crooked business dealings.

When Trump focuses on the few ISIS related attacks in the US he purposely forgets the shooting up of the Planned Parenthood Office, church killings, church burnings, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Trump and other Republicans’ focusing on Muslims violates religious freedoms and the right to assemble.

Trump ignores the necessity of completing gun purchasing screening to the Internet and at gun shows.. Guns have become the most deadly terrorist weapon.

Trump’s expensive and freedom annihilating attacks may stop a few mass terrorists, compared to 32,000 a year dying from guns.

Analyzing the recent terrorist acts, good old fashioned American semi-automatic guns have proven much easier to get and and to fire than bombs or knives, and much more deadly. Yet Trump will not mention barring people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns legally.

People worldwide are and will be dying in floods, starving from droughts, and crippled by disease carrying mosquitos, all of which will be increased by climate change. Trump denies climate change to get fossil fuel magnates’ contributions.

All recent Presidents, Governors, and Mayors have stated that if we give up our freedoms and live in fear, that the terrorists will have won. Yet this is just what Donald Trump wants us to do.

About Dennis SILVERMAN

I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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